June 3, 2020

Ferrando & Asociados

Uruguayan forestry company dedicated to consulting and process automation.


Build a corporate website that allows you to view the different services they offer and publish news. Optimized for search engines and integrated with Analytics.

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    Ferrando & Asociados


Forestry consulting

The hero is the most important part of a landing page -or any website-, that’s where we instantly decide if we are in the right place or not.

Forestry consulting are keywords aimed at a very specific audience and perhaps even those who seek this service could doubt if the hero does not transmit the correct message, so it was necessary to have several considerations to achieve it.

The result: a phrase that defines the value that the company has to contribute and a short video (as seen above) that shows the different services in action. Once the user understands that he is in the right place, we go on to list each service in great detail.